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Institution Management System

IMS is (Institute Management System). This system is comprehensive web enabled solution for educational institutions.This can bring a lot of changes and benefit to schools, university and colleges. You will be empowered to work with better efficiency, effective management, better co-ordination, control which will make optimum utilization of resources and will also provide you to get accurate information online every time.

IMS also encompasses a large assortment of functions, which assist the teachers and staff of your institution in their everyday workflow with ease and confidence. By making the information available for staff and parents online will improve the image and a lot of communication will become easily manageable.Further enhancements are also possible and the operations can be tuned to your operational requirements.

IMS allows us not only to store the information but also to retrieve and modify information.This system covers different modules like Fee Management, Admission, Examination Management, Library Management, Payroll, Staff ,Time Table & many more.

Following are the different functionality and feature this system provide:

  • IMS is windows based Campus Management Software. Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
  • This system has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
  • It is Multi User, Multi Session and Multi Board syllabus package.
  • Inter Academic Performance analysis of the Students/Staff.
  • It is completely user friendly School Management Software.
  • It provides complete automation of Staff Administration.
  • It automates the Fee Management process completely.